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Stationery "Baby, it's cold outside"

Stationery "Baby, it's cold outside"

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The stationery features a winter scene captured in a snow globe. An owl sits enthroned in its glittering interior, warm and cozy, wrapped in a cozy scarf. Its beautiful plumage exudes an aura of calm and comfort as it watches over the snowy landscape.

The owl, with its large, watchful eyes, seems to guard the secret of the winter forest as it looks majestically over rolling hills and snow-covered trees. Its sight fills the viewer with a feeling of security.

Every word written on this magical stationery is inspired by the silence of the winter forest and the watchfulness of the owl. It is as if the winter magic of the snow globe envelops every thought and transforms it into a frosty fairy tale that warms the soul and touches the heart.

Beautiful, handmade stationery, optionally lined or unlined, printed on one side.

Paper quality: 90g/m², FSC®, DIN A4

The price depends on the quantity you purchase, and you get a discount if you order 10 sheets or more. Simply choose as many as you want to write on. Or you can give the beautiful paper as a gift to your friends.

The color may vary slightly, as the display always depends on the output device.

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