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Stationery "Sloth"

Stationery "Sloth"

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This stationery features a beautiful backdrop of delicate rose petals blooming in soft colors on a light background. This romantic scene provides the perfect setting for the centerpiece of the design: an adorable sloth resting comfortably among the flowers. With its peaceful expression and relaxed charm, the sloth adds an extra dose of cuteness and likability to the stationery.

The stationery with rose background and sloth is not only a practical writing tool, but also an expression of love and warmth. Perfect for nature lovers and romantics or for those who want to add a personal touch to their letters.

Beautiful, handmade stationery, optionally lined or unlined, printed on one side.

Paper quality: 90g/m², FSC®, DIN A4

The price depends on the quantity you purchase, and you get a discount if you order 10 sheets or more. Simply choose as many as you want to write on. Or you can give the beautiful paper as a gift to your friends.

The color may vary slightly, as the display always depends on the output device.

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