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Letterhead "Window to the Courtyard"

Letterhead "Window to the Courtyard"

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Imagine holding a piece of stationery in your hands that not only invites you to write, but also tells a story. This stationery is not just white, but shows a scene that inspires your imagination.

On the front of this special stationery you can see a charming brick wall that immediately catches the eye with its rustic charm. But that's not all! A small window in the wall gives you a glimpse into a mysterious world behind it. Perhaps there is a cozy room, an idyllic landscape or an exciting adventure hidden there - it's all up to your imagination.

The paper itself is of excellent quality, smooth and pleasant to the touch. It offers enough space for your thoughts, dreams and messages. Whether you want to write a letter to a friend, a loving message to your family or an important communication, this stationery with the window in the brick wall gives your words a special charm and makes writing an experience.

With this stationery you can not only convey your messages, but also start a journey into your own imagination. Be inspired and immerse yourself in the world behind the window in the brick wall!

Beautiful, handmade stationery, optionally lined or unlined, printed on one side.

Paper quality: 90g/m², FSC®, DIN A4

The price depends on the quantity you purchase, and you get a discount if you order 10 sheets or more. Simply choose as many as you want to write on. Or you can give the beautiful paper as a gift to your friends.

The color may vary slightly, as the display always depends on the output device.

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