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Stationery "Panda"

Stationery "Panda"

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A cute panda sits on the stationery, its big, dark eyes radiating curious friendliness as it rests comfortably on its fluffy backside. Its gentle smile spreads a warm atmosphere that captures the hearts of viewers.

With every word written, the stationery becomes a place of comfort and security, where the panda, as a loyal companion, guards and protects the writer's thoughts. It is as if his calm presence transforms each letter into a warm, embracing feeling that touches the soul and brings a smile to the lips.

Beautiful, handmade stationery, optionally lined or unlined, printed on one side.

Paper quality: 90g/m², FSC®, DIN A4

The price depends on the quantity you purchase, and you get a discount if you order 10 sheets or more. Simply choose as many as you want to write on. Or you can give the beautiful paper as a gift to your friends.

The color may vary slightly, as the display always depends on the output device.

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