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Stationery "Planets"

Stationery "Planets"

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In the endless dance of stars and galaxies, in the universe where time and space disappear, there are more mysteries than we can ever fathom. Here, where black holes roam the cosmos like hungry beasts and nebulae of stardust illuminate the darkness, the impossible seems possible and the unknown tempting.
A universe full of wonders and mysteries unfolds on the stationery. Stars and galaxies dance between the lines, while the words get lost in the infinite expanse of space.
The letters whirl around like shooting stars as the writer's thoughts wander through the unfathomable depths of space. Between the lines lies a whole galaxy of ideas and dreams, ready to be discovered.

Beautiful, handmade stationery, optionally lined or unlined, printed on one side.

Paper quality: 90g/m², FSC®, DIN A4

The price depends on the quantity you purchase, and you get a discount if you order 10 sheets or more. Simply choose as many as you want to write on. Or you can give the beautiful paper as a gift to your friends.

The color may vary slightly, as the display always depends on the output device.

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