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Envelope "Cute girl" DIN C5

Envelope "Cute girl" DIN C5

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Immerse yourself in the magical world of this sweet country girl with our adorable envelope! With her radiant smile and joyful eyes, she gives every letter a heartwarming touch. Our DIN C5 envelope is not only perfectly sized for your personal messages, but is also decorated with the charming motif of a country girl who seems to have come straight from an idyllic farm garden.

This envelope makes sending letters a real pleasure. Whether you want to surprise friends, family or your loved one, this sweet country girl brings joy and warmth to every message. Thanks to the high-quality print and robust material, this envelope is not only an eye-catcher, but also robust enough to transport your precious words safely.

Send your messages with style and personality – with our charming envelope with the sweet country girl. Because sometimes the envelope alone makes the day special!

  • An envelope has the size C5, which means it is 22.9cm x 16.2cm.
  • Suitable for DIN A4 paper, folded once in the middle, or also very suitable for sending several postcards (so-called postcard letters).
  • Brand Cygnus Excellence, blue patterned on the inside (so not transparent)
  • good, solid quality with a grammage of 100g/m²
  • bright white
  • pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • without window
  • FSC certified
  • Front edge-to-edge printed with motif, back white

You can get the envelopes individually, in sets of 5 or in sets of 10. You even save money by buying a set!

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