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Decoration "The Thinker"

Decoration "The Thinker"

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Let me introduce you to the Keraflott Thinker decoration on a feather tray - the perfect solution for your jewelry storage. This artistic piece combines beauty and functionality in an elegant way.

Imagine: a miniature Thinker model, made from Keraflott, an innovative material that is both robust and aesthetically pleasing, sits on a delicate white feather tray. The Thinker's fine details, his pensive pose and the subtle nuances of his figure give this piece an aura of sophistication.

But that's not all. There is a practical purpose hidden beneath the inspiring figure. The curved shape of the pen tray offers space for your favorite pieces of jewelry. Whether rings, earrings, or necklaces - they all find their place here, while the thinker silently watches over them.

This unique accessory not only allows you to store your jewelry in style, but also creates an inspiring atmosphere in your room. It is a tribute to the power of thought and beauty at the same time.

The wooden tray is NOT included in delivery! If you would like the wooden tray, select the corresponding purchase option!

Delivery: The delivery time can be up to 7 days, as each item is individually made.

Of course, everything is packaged neatly and safely so that you receive it in perfect condition. If you find small bubbles or bumps on the decoration, this is not a reason for complaint. These can occur during the manufacturing process and are also a sign of handcrafting.

*What exactly is Keraflott?

Keraflott is a white ceramic powder (calcium sulfate), odorless and non-toxic . It is ideal for casting work as it is an ideal material for creating decorative art .

Keraflott objects impress with a smooth, white surface that is visually reminiscent of ceramic. However, the decoration is neither heat nor frost resistant and is therefore less suitable as a permanent garden decoration (unless we state this in the item description).

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