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Wooden tray with maritime decoration (1)

Wooden tray with maritime decoration (1)

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Immerse yourself in Nordic coziness with our charming ensemble, consisting of the cheerful lettering "Moin" and an enchanting turtle, placed on an interesting wooden tray.

The word "Moin" - a warm North German greeting - exudes a welcoming atmosphere. The lettering gives your room a touch of maritime flair and invites guests to immediately feel at home.

The cute turtle made of Keraflott rests gently on the wooden tray as if it had sprung directly from the depths of the sea. With its lovingly designed details, it brings a playful touch to your home.

The wooden tray made of "blocks"** forms the perfect stage for these two works of art. Its natural wood grain and rustic appearance give the arrangement a touch of Scandinavian chic and make it appear timeless and modern at the same time.

Delivery: The delivery time can be up to 7 days, as each item is individually made.

Of course, everything is packaged neatly and safely so that you receive it in perfect condition. If you find small bubbles or bumps on the decoration, this is not a reason for complaint. These can occur during the manufacturing process and are also a sign of handcrafting.

*What exactly is Keraflott?

Keraflott is a white ceramic powder (calcium sulfate), odorless and non-toxic . It is ideal for casting work as it is an ideal material for creating decorative art .

Keraflott objects impress with a smooth, white surface that is visually reminiscent of ceramic. However, the decoration is neither heat nor frost resistant and is therefore less suitable as a permanent garden decoration (unless we state this in the item description).

**What are blocks?

Blocks are small wooden strips, sometimes also called kindling. We use natural and untreated oak wood for our products. Therefore, it can happen that the wood has a small knothole on the edge. However, we always use the blocks in such a way that a small blemish does not affect the appearance.

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